Library Chronology

1965 Samuel W. Hitt appointed first library director.

Library located in 6,000 s.f. of rented space in the Security Office Insurance Company Building at 1000 Asylum Avenue, Hartford. This building is now the St. Francis Medical Center.
First orders of books and journal subscriptions arrive.

1970 Audiovisuals first added to collection.
1971 Medline searching introduced.
1972 James E. Morgan appointed second library director.
1973 Library moves to the current UCHC site in Farmington occupying 30,000 s.f.
1974 Clinical librarian program funded with two year grant from National Library of Medicine.
1977 Ralph D. Arcari appointed third library director.
1978 Three year grant for Continuing Education Audiovisual Services for Nurses received from U.S. Health and Human Services Department.
1981 OCLC interlibrary loan system introduced. Area Health Education Center circuit librarian program initiated in Hartford.
1982 Circulation functions automated through Capitol Region Library Council CircCess program.
1983 OCLC acquisitions system introduced.
1985 Healthnet: Connecticut Consumer Health Information Program begins with grant awarded through Connecticut State Library.
1987 LYMAN, integrated library computer operations with online catalog, becomes operational via OCLC LS/2000 software.
1989 Computer Education Center opens in library.
1991 National Library of Medicine awards Library Regional Medical Library five year contract for New England.
1994 NOTIS system replaces LS/2000 software.
1995 Librarians serve as liaisons with each problem-based learning group as part of new curriculum.
1996 National Library of Medicine awards Library second five year contract to serve as Regional Medical Library for New England.

Additional databases added to the UCHC network: Current Contents - Life Sciences/Clinical Sciences, HSTAR and CINAHL.

1999 Voyager system replaces NOTIS system.
2001 Library began providing support to faculty and students with PDAs.
2003 Design finalized and construction began for first library renovation since library opened in 1973. Main entrance changed. Single point of service desk installed. All new furniture, lighting, carpeting, wall treatments, and HVAC in main reading room of library.
2005 Opening ceremony for library renovation held in May 2005. Ralph Arcari retired as library director in June 2005. Plaque noting Dr. Arcari’s many accomplishments mounted on column in library.
2005 Evelyn B. Morgen appointed fourth library director in August 2005.